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In Search of Beauty [Apr. 8th, 2006|11:53 pm]
A new but very passionate photographer seeking models with a willingness to work together to capture a very new and unique style. I adore artistic shots that raise a woman to higher levels of her glory without sacrificing her morality or personal direction(s) in life.

I am truly interested in working with those models desiring a real artistic direction that does not have to involve peeling away the clothes. It seems there are plenty of photographers ready and quite anxious to do that type of work. My desire is to "collaborate" with you to find the mix of model/photographer that makes exraordinary compositions. I wish I could come to so many of you that are just too far away for me to travel. I would ask that you keep me in consideration, nevertheless, as I truly believe you would not find working together with me a disappointment. Look higher ...

As a model photographer, it is my job to create images that will stimulate viewers of your portfolio to hire you.

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Changes [Apr. 7th, 2006|09:21 pm]
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(no subject) [Apr. 7th, 2006|03:58 pm]
 I have been HATED out of business ! post/read comments

Slander! [Apr. 6th, 2006|10:19 pm]
I just got a message from a friend on MySpace that said:


From: [Omitted to protect the Sender]

Date: Apr 6, 2006 4:24 PM

here's a new weirdo out there to add to the list....

Photographer Jeffrey Rose


I have had the pleasure of only one weird photoshoot with this guy, and after feeling very uncomforable myself (just doing makeup) i learned that he has tried to get a lot more from models than just shots. please dont be naive and fall for that sort of shit. please!

He's advertising for a "live in muse" right now too. yeah that sounds like a sweet deal.... DO NOT GO THERE to his "studio" its a virtually empty apartment (with a bed) in lewisville where he lives.

What exactly is a "live in muse"? a girl that someone can take photos of and fuck? what bullshit. Imagine if it was your little sis or daughter that was on the recieving end of sexual advances.

BE AWARE LADIES!! Please look out for yourselves. unless you're looking for a middle aged wannabe "photographer" with a hard on. LOL fuck that!

Hey while we are on the subject, check out the other weirdos who live on your block...



I have deleted the "muse" entry that was up for a few weeks and no one complained and it was open for comments (I also made it public onMySpace and in announcements on www.ModelMayhem.com.) Now I have one person who wants to destroy my career and has posted such words as above.

Question: What do you do when ONE person makes such an accusation about you and you desire to stay calm and not cave-in to whatever the reason for his/her being so upset? Where is she getting this "information?"

I really request feedback! Thank you!

~ Jeff

PS Should I take something like this to an attorney?

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Request to Work with Experienced Photographers [Apr. 5th, 2006|02:15 pm]
I am wanting to learn more as a modeling photographer the methods, techniques, lighting, etc. used by more experienced modeling photographers. I would like to help in any way where I might glean something beneficial and creative in this wonderful field of photography!

If interested in permitting me to assist you in any way, please comment below or email me directly.


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